Outdoor Living

New Zealander's love the outdoors and the need and desire to protect from the sun, wind and rain is vital. We offer high quality fabric solutions for shade covers, vertical screens and the awnings and screen systems to match.

Llaza Awnings

We stock several products from Llaza's extensive range of sun protection systems. Designed and manufactured in Spain, Llaza products are stylish and of the highest quality.

Atika Retractable Pergola - NEW

Made of high strength aluminium and steel. Large modules with a width up to 5m and a projection of up to 7.5m.

Monobloc 350 Awning Range

Compact and modern design. This range of awnings offer the following options- White, Black or Silver- Wall or Soffit/Ceiling Mounted- Motorised or Manual- Arm Lengths of 2m, 2,5m, 3m and 3.5m- Width of up to 5.8m.


Lateral arm awning available in a full cassette or open box. The full cassette box provides protection for the awning fabric and arms when closed and a streamlined profile. The open box is a simple cost effective lateral arm awning, with a streamlined profile with the added benefit of pitch control.

Microbox 300 Awning Range

The Microbox 300 is a drop arm awning ideal for windows. This range of awnings offer the following options- White or Black- Wall or Soffit/Ceiling Mounted- Motorised or Manual- Arm Lengths of 800mm, 1000mm & 1200mm White, 1000mm Black.


3.2 m wide Solution Dyed Polyester. A durable lightweight choice for boat covers, storage covers, furniture covers etc. It's lightweight composition makes it easy to store away when not in use. Available in Black, Charcoal and Grey.

Recacril Acrylic Canvas

An extensive range of European designed and manufactured awning canvas. The range includes plains, textured designs, modern stripes as well as the more traditional stripes.


Vistaweave is a versatile woven mesh designed for blinds, awnings and general outdoor applications. The unique weave combines a functional solution for solar protection with a stylish textured appearance. It is designed to create privacy from the outside without compromising the visual aspect. Supported with a 10 year warranty.

ReClear PVC

.A range of clear PVC ideal for use in drop screens. When choosing a clear PVC there are many factors to take into account including, UV protection, Dimensionally stable, Non-stick for ease of use, Clarity and Cleaning. Our Reclear range from Achilles Corporation in Japan meets all of these requirements and has done for decades, not surprisingly is the highest selling Clear Product in NZ

Swimming Pool Fabric

Made from Polypropylene yarn, it has high UV & chlorine resistance. The fabric allows water to pass through but not leaves or large particles. Available in Green and Blue


A range of reinforced PVCs - in a range of weights suitable for drop screens and shade sails. Fire Retardant and Ripstop options available and all in a range of colours.