Equestrian Supplies

Since Reid and Twiname's inception back in 1923, we have been supplying saddlery parts. So it is no surprise today we have one of the largest ranges of saddlery hardware, the premium brand of cover canvas Regentex and the widest variety of accessories to satisfy all requirements in the manufacture of equine and bovine covers.

Equestrian Canvas

  • Regentex® Canvas – The largest selling horse cover canvas in NZ. Manufactured by JT Inglis, Scotland. A 52% polyester 48% cotton blended fabric, proofed and dyed and woven as ripstop for additional strength. The cotton content ensures breathability while the polyester gives the fabric its strength. Available in 4 weights 12oz. 15oz, 18oz and 24oz.
  • Colour Range – Blue, Green and Natural. 102cm wide.
  • 100% polyester 7oz canvas woven as ripstop at 20mm intervals providing extra strength.
  • Loomstate polycotton blend 12oz canvas, woven as ripstop at 6mm intervals to provide additional strength. The cotton content allows the fabric to breathe and keep the animal cooler.

Saddlery Hardware

  • We stock an extensive range of saddlery hardware for horse covers. Buckle and square fixed eye snaps compatible with stainless steel or welded dees.
  • Our finishes include Brass, Nickel Plated, Stainless Steel and Black.

Webtex® Webbings and Bindings

  • Harness webbing – a PVC coated polyester webbing ideal for leg straps. Available in 4 widths 13mm, 16mm, 19mm and 25mm
  • Polypropylene webbing – medium and heavyweight ranges – 19mm to 75mm widths.
  • Polypropylene bindings in 19mm and 32mm in black and 25mm in a range of colours.
  • Lining

  • Blackwatch Polypropylene lining
  • Wool lining with strong polypropylene carrier
  • Polyester lining

  • Thread

    The importance of the thread in horse cover applications is vital as it can be the weakest point. Therefore we recommend and stock Coats Polycotton thread. The cotton outer layer expands when wet to encompass the needle hole ensuring that no leakage occurs.

    Cotton Duck

    Useful as an economical lightweight summer dust and fly sheet. 100% cotton ensuring breathability.

    Jute Canvas

    Woven and un-proofed natural jute canvas used for lining of covers and calf and cow covers.