Llaza Awnings

Quality awnings designed and manufactured in Spain, our range includes:

  • Monobloc 350 - Invisible Arm Lateral Awnings
  • Maxibox 300 - Cassette Awnings
  • Microbox 300 - Drop Arm Awnings
  • BipScreen 500 - Vertical Awnings

Seat Belt Stalk

115mm in length. Suit bus seat, construction, tractor.

Product code STSBS115


Quality range of marine fabric by Recasens ideal for protective covers and biminis. Polyester base fabric, coated on one side with high quality PVC to resist fading in marine conditions.

Range of 6 colours.

Door Seal

EDPM. U shape co extruded edge trim combined with a EPDM rubber seal and spring steel core to help protect the interior from wind, dirt and moisture. The steel core enables a strong grip onto the edge but still provides enough flexibility to go round corners.