Marine Supplies

New Zealand's marine environment has played a key role in defining the cultural and economic development of our nation. New Zealand has a significant fishing industry, and for many New Zealanders the marine environment is a place of relaxation and recreation. New Zealand's marine environment is more than 20 times larger than it's landmass, it's exposure and close proximity to the Ozone layer creates one of the harshest climatic conditions in the world. Reid and Twiname have been supplying reliable products that have stood the test of time for decades. Proven brands like Recasens Canvas, Oceans Vinyl and TopTarp PVC to name just a few.

new zealand marine canvas on a fibreglass boat

Recasen's Marine Canvas

RECASENS is a family business founded in 1886 in Barcelona, recognized as a leader for its innovative capacity, processes, manufacture and selling of high performance technical fabrics for sun protection, textile architecture, transportation and navigation. We stock the following marine canvas from Recasens.

  • RECacril® Acrylic Canvas is a marine quality canvas that is part of our Boatmaster® range. It is suitable for use on boat canopies, covers and awnings. 100% Solution dyed acrylic canvas, with double sided fluorocarbon finish. UV resistant and outstanding colour fastness level (7/8). 8 years limited warranty in marine applications.
  • RECsystem Coated Acrylic Canvas is a marine quality canvas that is part of our Boatmaster® range. It is suitable for use on boat canopies, covers and awnings. Waterproof UV resistant solution dyed acrylic canvas. Superior water resistance due to double coating (fluoro carbon both sides and acrylic resin one side). Dirt and oil repellent. Mildew resistant. It is recommended for low fall areas.
  • RECwater PVC Coated Acrylic Canvas are made of solution-dyed acrylic fibers with PVC coating on one side, which makes it absolutely waterproof. The PVC coating is coloured to match with the colour of the acrylic, thus, it is possible to combine the elegance of the acrylic fabric with PVC waterproof performance.


  • Oceans 2 Range - Designed for outdoor and marine applications, such as squabs, wall lining, head lining etc. Also suitable for all types of upholstery. Oceans 2 has the soft feel of leather but with the durability of a high quality vinyl. Comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Denver Range - One year warranty against de-lamination/cracking. UV resistant quality fabric


When choosing a clear PVC there are many factors to take into account including, UV protection, dimensionally stable, non-stick for ease of use, clarity and cleaning. Our Reclear range from Achilles Corporation in Japan meets all of these requirements and has done for decades, not surprisingly is the highest selling Clear Product in NZ


In a marine environment continual exposure is the biggest concern due to NZ's harsh atmospheric conditions. Toptarp® has been in the market place for over 20 years and has proven itself to be a premium brand in many outdoor applications.


Our range of lining is specified into many of the original equipment boat manufacturers nationwide to improve the aesthetics and acoustic properties . The colour range continues to evolve as the marine sector involves us in the upgrading and design process. High UV resistance, low pilling performance and very competitively priced.

  • Carribean
  • Aqua tranz
  • Boot and Trunkliner
  • Headlining
  • Magic Grip


A compact range that has survived the harsh kiwi summers for many years, can be glued, domed or stapled depending on your requirements. It can also be scrubbed or lightly water-blasted for cleaning purposes.

  • Pacific Marine Carpet - plush and ribbed
  • Firm backed Aquatranz
  • Capri Marine flooring

PVC Coated Mesh

When looking for a mesh for the windscreen cover on your boat there are many things to consider, UV stability, heat resistance, openness factor, these elements are imperative, as a failure can cause significant damage to the interior of the vessel. There are various options available in the market, however the Recasens Recscreen from Europe is made to the highest standards, is reliable and comes with a 5 year warranty to support your confidence in the product.

Camira Vision

  • A modern, innovative collection of flat woven upholstery textiles that are foam backed for easy fabrication.
  • High abrasion resistance

Grippa Vinyl

  • Ideal for jetski seating. The exciting Grippa range is designed for no more slipping and sliding by providing traction that is specially placed to assist rider control whether it is wet or dry.
  • The rubberised diamond Grippa material includes all the modern team colours.
  • UV Stabilised, Abrasion Resistance, Resistance to Flexing, Blocking Resistance.


  • Helios Thread
  • Lenzip zips
  • VELCRO® Brand Fastener Tape
  • Prout Shockcord
  • Webtex Webbings


We stock a selection of products from both the Ados and Bostik ranges of quality adhesives, in a range of convenient sizes.

Fasteners & Buckles

Sometimes it is forgotten how important fasteners and buckles are to the final application, without reliable fixings your hard work can be ruined in an instant, don’t put that at risk to save a few cents it can cents. We stock reputable brands that the trade have trusted for decades like Carr Fastener, Stayput and ITW Fastex.

Fittings & Accessories

A huge selection of consumable items required for everyday use in the marine sector including Marine Canopy Fittings, Rope and Prout Shockcord.