R&T represent Versus Mirrors in New Zealand, primarily within the bus and coach market with OEM and aftermarket spares. Versus Mirrors have an extensive range of commercial vehicle applications such as light truck body, European vehicles to West Coast mirror heads. Other options include LED, Adjustable electric heated, spotter mirrors, utility or towing mirrors, head vehicle lights, side mirrors, mirror arms and brackets and some plug and play options.

  • Generally 3mm glass
  • Anti-Shatter film on glass
  • Double laser cut glass in order to provide a nice bevelled edges to avoid cutting your hands
  • Chrome first surface in order to control the reflectivity on the glass so the sun does not blind you.
  • Glass is spherically cut in order to have the clearest image on the glass.
  • UV stabilised for protection of ABS materials.
  • Virgin ABS material used to keep a high standard of quality.

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