Supplying quality latching and hinging solutions to Reid and Twiname.

In 2019 Reid & Twiname embarked on a new distribution relationship with Industrilas. We recognize as a company the importance in aligning ourselves with key industry manufacturers. Industrilas is a leader in it's field and complements the current R&T range of product and customer base. Industrilas is synonymous with quality product, professional service and success.

We will continually develop and grow with Industrilas as their technology moves forward. Currently we are stocking locks, hinges, catches and fasteners for Light and heavy transport, sheet metal fabricators, OEM Bus & Coach builders and general industrial hardware markets.

Since the startup in 1981 Industrilas specializes in the production and sale of commercial products and system solutions for latches, hinges and sealing technology for industrial applications. We offer you a wide range of standard products as well as the development and manufacturing of customized solutions, should you need something to make you stand out and be really memorable - or just something that does not yet exist. We have all production departments under one roof, meaning that we control the entire process - from design and manufacturing to surface treatments and assembly. We can definitely help you with your latching solutions!

When you are looking for an access solution, there are many things to consider. It needs to have a high quality and meet your requirements, it needs to be safe and easy to operate and it needs to feel good to the touch. If it is possible, the design should also be pleasing to the eye.

When you choose Industrilas, you can rest assure that the solution is 100 % produced inhouse. This means we have total quality control of every step, from the initial conception by our construction department and the supply of raw materials, to the physical production and the adding of finishing touches.

Industrilas supplies access solutions all over the world to a wide variety of industry segments, like commercial vehicles, trains, HVAC, power distribution, telecom, pharmaceutical and offshore.


Industrial latching, hinge and sealing technology products are unique, and therefore require a high degree of special knowledge. At the same time our extensive expertise in the areas of application for various sectors is also of great importance.

Overview of the main applications
  • Enclosures, power distribution, generators
  • IT-telecom equipment, server cabinets, data cabinets, distribution systems
  • Mechanical engineering, equipment lockers, housings, panels, dampers
  • Food and medical technology
  • HVAC systems, heating and refrigeration equipment, climate control, compressors
  • Railway industry and vehicles
  • Special vehicles, construction equipment, vehicle bodies
  • Metal equipment, sheet metal, and metal constructions


Integrated latching, hinge and sealing applications are a challenge unto themselves. Here, knowledge and overview are required. Industrilas possesses excellent know-how and controls the entire process chain - from initial conception through production, to the finished, coated end product.

  • Prototypes, 3D-printer
  • Tooling and moulding
  • Plastics technology
  • Casting / die-cast zinc
  • Turning, milling, forming, stamping
  • Surface treatment
  • Foamed PUR-gasket technology
  • Assembly, logistics

As we have all departments gathered under one roof, it is easy for our designers to constantly visit the different departments during their daily work. Feedback is immediate as we even eat lunch together, which results in development of new products with added improvements!

image of velcro hook and loop tape fastener


Innovative designs only succeed with employees that combine industry experience, expertise and commitment for an application to create the best solution for you. We can help you decide what products to use in hot, freezing or rainy climates, as well as what items are most economical in your situation. Numerous projects and solutions demonstrate our competence.

Industrilas works with the SolidWorks 3D CAD system. On this foundation we develop the industry-oriented solutions for your demanding latching, hinge and sealing applications.

We design products with the requirement that ideas or market demands must be turned into working products at reasonable prices. This often includes that little extra “something“ using a blend of experience and unconventional thinking. Good design and great function is very important for us in this process. That is why we provide our customers with functional special design prototype models, so that form and function can be perfectly coordinated.

image of velcro hook and loop tape fastener


The most important parameters for the business of Industrilås are the employees, the customers and the environment - in other words, work safety, customer satisfaction and environmental protection.

Industrilås has a multitude of different instruments for controlling and monitoring their processes, activities and communications.
This system of instruments is called IMS "Industrilås Management Systems" and it's basis for the framework are international and national policies, regulations and standards for the manufacturing of our products. Necessary tests are carried out by external, accredited test laboratories. Internally, they also have the capacity to do cycle tests, tensile- and load tests as well as water intrusion tests.

Industrilås is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management System). Products of Industrilås meet the RoHS directives.

image of velcro hook and loop tape fastener