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Seatbelt Webbing
Reid and Twiname is a market leader in New Zealand for webbing, tape and elastic.  We stock Webtex® webbings for use in the equestrian, automotive, upholstery, outdoor, clothing and manufacturing sectors.  Manufactured from polypropylene, polyester, nylon, jute and cotton and available in a variety of widths and colours to suit most applications.   These webbings and tapes are manufactured with New Zealand conditions in mind.  All the webbings, apart from the furniture webbing, are UV resistant and are highly specified.  No other company in New Zealand is able to offer as broad a range of well-priced product in this area.

Webtex® Polyester General Purpose Webbing.  A general purpose polyester medium weight high-tenacity webbing used for shade sails, handles, tie downs and sail covers.

Webtex® Polyester Heavy Weight Webbing.  A heavy duty polyester webbing manufactured for applications where extra strength is required - such as shade sails.

Webtex® Polyester Pack Webbing.  Medium weight polyester  designed for back packs and bags  The tow yarn construction provides a better grip on buckles. 25mm has 600 kg Breaking strain.

Webtex® Seatbelt Webbing.  100% Polyester seatbelt webbing.  B grade seatbelt webbing for shade sail reinforcement and general webbing application. Break Strength 1000kg.  

Webtex® Nylon Webbing.  A strong lightweight twill tape suitable for reinforcing and tent peg loops.

Webtex® Curtainsider Webbing.  100% polyester heavy duty webbing with 3000 kg break strength. Suitable for safety harnesses or base straps for curtain sided trucks.

Webtex® Industrial Webbing.  100% Polyester webbing. Heavy duty load binding webbing or tow strap webbing with 5500 kg break strength.

Webtex® Plastic Coated Harness Webbing.  A PVC coated polyester webbing desgined for equestrian applications such as leg straps.

Webtex® Polypropylene Halter Webbing.  A heavyweight polypropylene webbing suitable for halters and other hard wearing applications.

Webtex® Weldable Webbing. A PVC coated polyester weldable webbing with 1800 kg break strength. Used to reinforce PVC truck curtains or tarpaulins.

Webtex® Tape.  Cotton hanger tape, textured polyester tape & nylon tape for many lighter binding, reinforcement and tying applications such as apron straps.

Webtex® Polypropylene Binding.  A quality UV resistant strongly woven binding in a wide range of widths and colours at a very good price.  Highly regarded in New Zealand's outdoor environment.

Jute & Elastic Furniture Webbing.  Suited for the upholstery and horticulture sectors.

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