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Llaza Monobloc 350 Awnings

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Experts in the design and manufacture of sunprotection systems. Their vision is to be the worldwide technological benchmark company for any effective sun protection project.
The brand was established in Reus in 1964 and currently markets its products in over 50 countries. Its extensive history and presence in the international market are indications of Llaza’s leadership in the solar protection industry. Llaza’s success is owed to their commitment to three key areas: innovation, quality and market development.
LLAZA is a family business with over 50 years of history.

In 1964 TALLERES LLAZA was founded, the first company in Spain devoted to manufacturing awning mechanisms. With over 50 years experience that provides an extensive know-how and that has accumulated hundreds of patents and utility models registered under the LLAZA brand.

Industrial Capacity
LLAZA facilties and production processes are designed for competitiveness. Their factory is a major technology centre specialised in sun protection systems and covering 26,000 m2. It features all the latest plant equipment and full vertical integration of its industrial activities. This is the base from which competitive solutions are supplied to the highest quality standards.
Production capacity of 450,000 complete awnings systems per year.








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This is an awning from the invisible arm range featuring the Monobloc system, a self-bearing square bar which enables the awning to cover large areas simply and effectively.
Lacquer in accordance with QUALICOAT standards
Stainless steel screws and bolts
The system is made primarily out of aluminium, which is used in the frame of the awning. Aluminium provides strength, has a long lifespan and is easy to use.
The awning system consists of:
- The brackets which hold the awning to the wall and support the other elements.
- The profiles which protect the rolling tube and traction system.
- The arms which allow the awning to be extended.
LLAZA systems are manufactured with top quality materials and are the result of significant research and development efforts.


LLAZA-ART SYSTEM arms provide optimal internal tranmission of tension. This is done with a flat, flexible belt which makes the awning stronger, more resistant, more durable and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional transmission systems. The pieces of the arms are assembled before they are sent off to be lacquered in order to protect the joints and to make them more pleasing to the eye. The shape of the arms and their configuration when mounted helps to keep the fabric from rubbing on the elbow joints when the awning is opened or closed. The use of belt keeps the lacquer on the arms from being rubbed off as commonly happens with cable and chain systems. Under normal use the arms will exceed 60,000 operational cycles.

Our 2 arm Llaza Monobloc 350 is suitable for a 4 metre to 5.8 metre width awning

The options are
White, Silver or Black
Motorised or Manual
Wall or Ceiling/Soffit Mounted
2.5m, 3m or 3.5m arms (2m in white only)



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