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Grammer Seats

  • Reid and Twiname are the sole New Zealand distributor for GRAMMER -  leading manufacturer of driver seats for agricultural and construction vehicles, tractors, forklifts, buses and trucks.
  • GRAMMER vehicle seats are manufactured to be ergonomic, user-friendly, comfortable and safe. 
  • The GRAMMER brand stands for mobile comfort and safety.  The company is driven by a passion for creating quality seating solutions for people who use vehicles as one of their primary work tools.
  • Products from GRAMMER Seating Systems continuously set high standards and raise the bar.  GRAMMER inventions lead the way and they include: air suspension, fully automatic adjustment to the driver's weight guaranteeing a relaxed and healthy seating position while at work, active seat climatization which carries away the body perspiration, and a host of other seating patents.
  • A range of seats and spare parts are available from Reid and Twiname ex stock, with the balance of the extensive GRAMMER product and spart parts range available on Indent.
  • For full details on the models available within each seat range, click the download brochure link under the relevant model.
  • For help identifying your current seat part number look for the GRAMMER rating plate, which can be found either under the seat by sliding the seat forward or backward, or by lifting the base cushion. 

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Agricultural Machinery Seats

Suspended driver seats from GRAMMER provide optimal seating comfort for any agricultural vehicle and application. 

Maximo- the maximum of seating comfort
  • Maximo Professional with Air Suspension (12v compressor) and 530mm seat width available ex stock  STGMAXXL
  • Maximo Basic with Mechanical Suspension ex stock STGMAXM
  • Other models available on Indent

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      Maximo Professional          

Compacto- optimal seating comfort in limited space   

  • Choice of pneumatic or mechanical suspension and 3 seat widths with optional headrests and armrests.
  • Two models both with mechanical suspension available ex stock
  • Other models available on Indent

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Primo Professional - compact low profle seating with low frequency pneumatic suspension

  •  Two seat widths - 400mm and 450mm and finished in either fabric or leathercloth
  •  Available on indent only

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Universo - the universal comfort seat for tractors

    • Mechanical suspension
    • Weight adjustment, 80mm suspension  travel
    • Option on fabric or black vinyl
    • Available on Indent only


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Construction and Materials Handling Seats

Actimo- the solution for extreme conditions.  Model variations offering either pneumatic and mechanical suspensions.                               

    • The Actimo M is a mechanically suspended comfort seat for large construction machinery.  
    • Fabric version available ex stock   STGACTM 

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Maximo - the premium seat for construction machinery

    • 6 models to choose from with choice of pneumatic and mechanical suspension, narrow and wide seat widths.
    • can be customised for the ultimate in personal comfort, thanks to its ergonomical design, numerous features and lumbar support
    • Maximo M with mechanical suspension, vinyl upholstery, seatbelt  and limit switch is available ex stock  STGMAXMV

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Primo - highest comfort with the lowest profile

    • Mechanical, Air or Low frequency suspension options
    • Operator Presence Switch for safety
    • Vinyl and Fabric options
    • On Indent only

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        RTEmagicC Primo_xxl_03_jpg

 MSG20 - the benchmark in the compact class

    • Compact seat designed for forklifts and small diggers
    • Quickly adjustable for healthy sitting
    • Operation of the seat is designed to be as easy as possible to offer a maximum of comfort to changing drivers.

The following models in black vinyl are available ex stock 

Standard Height 470mm wide seat  STGMSG20

High Back 410mm wide seat STGHBMSG20

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GS12 - economical 3 stage semi suspension seat

  • STGGS12B available ex stock in black vinyl 
  • Armrests sold separately

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Bus and Truck Driver Seats

Comfort seats that feature optimum seat ergonomics decisively improve working conditions and help preserve users' health.

 Linea and Tourea

  • Air operated Tourea available ex stock  STGMSG906

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  • Pneumatic truck seat that offers automatic weight adjustment
  • Adjustable shock absorber to absorb jolts and vibrations
  • Quick down
  • Three point integrated seatbelt




  • this pnuematic truck seat enables all drivers to sit comfortably
  • in addition to automatic weight adjustment, the height, seat depth and seat angle can be indivdually set
  • available unupholstered ex stock  STGMSG903


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